Age: 12+                                           Genre: Historical Fiction                                 Quality Read: Good

The Minstrel’s Tale Trilogy follows Anna Questerly as she learns of her ancestor, the Minstrel Amos Questerly. Amos encounters a young boy named Richard who turns out to be more than he says he is. Amos and Richard form a strong friendship that is tested through many trials. Amos finds a new wife, and Richard grows up as well. This book covers the span of roughly 15 years of Amos’s life and one year of Anna’s. Anna goes through trials as well as she travels from the U.S.A. to France where she meets unlikely friends.

Anna Questerly takes her readers on a thrilling adventure through two timelines. She connects the two worlds, and it brings the medieval time period and modern time period together. Topics such as friendship and addiction are discussed. This is a great book series to teach the lesson of how friends can help each other.

This is a finished trilogy.

Purchase it here: 



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