Ages: 12+                                         Genre: Fantasy                                             Quality Read: Good

Reality Dreamers is a book about Jonas Hartley, a lonely 15 year old boy. He lives in a world slightly different from ours. Other than his lucid dreams his life is perfectly normal until he meets the Reality Dreamers. He and the Reality Dreamers find themselves in different situations that stretch their trust in each other.

Reality Dreamers is a great read for those looking for a good fantasy book. K.M. Frost surprises her readers with many twists, and she creates a tangible character. This is a book that kids and adults would enjoy, but some parts of the book would not be ideal for readers under 12 (description of dead bodies). It is a great book for anyone looking for a good read.

This is the first book in the Reality Dreamers Triology.

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2 thoughts on “Reality Dreamers By: K.M. Frost

  1. Wow, I was so excited to see this review! Thank you for reading, and for spreading the word! This is my first published book, and I am so thrilled to hear that people enjoy the story as much as I do! I would love to share this review on Facebook–would that be alright with you?


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