The Perilous Gard By: Elizabeth Marie Pope


Age: 12+                                          Genre: Historical Fiction                                 Quality Read: Great

The Perilous Gard begins in a small castle where Queen Elizabeth I and her small court are during the time when Mary was on the throne. Kate Sutton, one of the ladies in waiting, is the main character. Her sister Alicia unwittingly had Kate thrown out of the castle on Queen Mary’s orders. She is sent to one of Queen’s most trusted subjects, Sir Geoffrey. Sir Geoffrey lives in the Perilous Gard, a manor than he inherited from his wife’s family. Many superstitions surround the Perilous Gard, and Kate finds herself caught in the midst of them along with Sir Geoffrey’s brother, Christopher. Kate and Christopher find themselves in the middle of the strange happenings when Kate tries to help Christopher find his young niece who had disappeared four months earlier. They soon find that they are in for more than they bargained for.

Elizabeth Marie Pope takes her readers on a mystical journey back in the 1550’s. This story was very well written, and it has many twists. It actually surprised me with what was going to happen, which is rare now for me. She draws her readers in and creates complex characters that her readers can fall in love with. This is a Newberry Honor Book as well.

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