Knightley Academy By: Violet Haberdasher

712dvkkl0rl Age: 10+                                  Genre: Fiction                                  Quality Read: Great

Knightley Academy begins with fourteen year old Henry Grim who is a servant at Midsummer School for boys. He has been tutored by one of the professors, Professor Stratford, without the headmaster knowing. Every year the older students at Midsummer are able to take the Knightley exam, which if passed grants admittance into the prestigious  Knightley Academy. No one at midsummer has passed in five years. This year a new chief examiner has been appointed, and Henry finds a loop hole to be able to take the exam even though he is just a servant. Miraculously, Henry is the only student to pass the exam. He and Professor Stratford are fired from their jobs at Midsummer, and they both go to live in the town near Knightley until the professor can find a job and Henry goes to school. Henry’s admittance into Knightley ignites a new ruling for commoners. Two other boys will also have the opportunity to attend Knightley who would have previously been refused. Henry is joined by Adam Beckerman, a jewish boy, and Rohan Mehta, an Indian boy who was adopted by nobles. Professor Stratford also comes to Knightley to be the private tutor of Headmaster Winter’s daughter, Frankie, who the three boys become friends with. The three outsiders of Knightley find their transition is not as easy as they hoped.

Violet Haberdasher creates amazing characters who are very relatable. Her writing is very straightforward but descriptive. The story kept me turning the pages until late at night. This is one of the most well-written stories that I have read in a while. She also has another Knightley book available called The Secret Prince, which is as good as the first. Join Henry on his amazing adventure.

Purchase it here: Knightly Academy


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