Fablehaven By: Brandon Mull


Age: 7+                                            Genre: Fantasy                                     Quality Read: Great

Fablehaven is a five book series that follows the story of two siblings, Kendra and Seth Sorenson. The series begins with Kendra and Seth staying with their grandparents over the summer while their parents go on a cruise. Kendra and Seth find that their stay with their strange grandparents becomes a lot weirder with the introduction of magical creatures. They encounter a monstrous cow named Viola, a gollum named Hugo, and many other creatures. Seth becomes friends and trading partners with a pair of satyrs, Newel and Doren, while Kendra becomes close with fairies in an unexpected way. The series continues following their story as they try to save these creatures from the Society of the Evening Star, which aims to open the demon prison Zzyzx.

Brandon Mull takes his readers on a crazy adventure throughout the Fablehaven series. Brandon Mull is one of my favorite authors because he is very descriptive and makes the characters come to life. His books can be read by children and adults alike. This is a series that I highly recommend.

Purchase it here: FableHaven

Or Purchase the First Book here: FableHaven


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