Who Moved My Cheese? By: Spencer Johnson


Age: 8+                                 Genre:Fiction/self-help                                       Quality Read: Good

Who Moved My Cheese? is a self-help book written as fiction to demonstrate how people view change. There are four characters: Hem and Haw (the little people) and Sniff and Scurry (the mice). These four characters all live off of cheese that is found in a maze. They find a plethora of cheese, but soon it is all eaten up. Sniff and Scurry head off to find more cheese, but Hem and Haw are convinced that the cheese will find them. However, when Hem finally realizes that the cheese will not come, he heads off to find cheese. He finds small amounts, but nothing groundbreaking. Finally, he finds Sniff and Scurry amidst piles of cheese.

Spencer Johnson writes this fictional book to help people understand the importance of change in people’s lives. He also portrays how people must move with change or be left behind.

Purchase it here: Who Moved My Cheese?


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