Hard Copies vs E-readers

Hello, to all my fellow bookworms! I’ve recently come across this great sale on a kindle while perusing through books that I want to buy. Though I am not one to buy it myself (I’m a strict believer in paper copies), I thought I’d let you all know about it.

Kindle Paperwhite

This sale brought back to my attention the growing popularity of e-readers. I remember back when I was in school people started talking about Kindles and the likes, and I was curious about them because I’m a total book nerd. One of my friends had a kindle, and she let me look at it. I figured it wasn’t my style. I love to feel the pages of the books against my fingers. It makes the characters more tangible to me.

However, for many people e-readers are a great option. They offer an easy, bulk-free way to carry hundreds of books with you. I love that about them. I always have a book with me, and sometimes it is hard to carry around a 700 page novel, especially when I have to take two because I’m almost done with the first one.

E-readers are also an excellent way to get into reading because it is at the tip of your finger, and e-books are also cheaper than paper copies. So if you’re trying to get into reading, try an e-reader.

On the other hand, hard copies of the books do allow you that satisfaction of shutting the book after finishing. The smell of a new book can never be beat, and the aroma of an old book is like meeting an old friend. Paper books can have their own character because you can see the accidental spills, the bent pages from being put into a backpack, and you can smell all the years that they’ve seen.

Once you have a paper book, it cannot be changed. That book will have the same grammar, the same mannerisms, and the same typos that we all know and love. Each book is its own part of history. Something that cannot be taken away from it.

So whether you like e-readers, hard copies, or both, reading can make the world a better, more educated place. That’s why I made this blog… To get those “lost” books back out, so other people can enjoy them.

I would love to hear your thoughts on e-readers vs hard copy books. Leave a comment to let me know your views.

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