The False Prince By: Jennifer A. Nielsen

False Prince.jpg

Age: 10+                                           Genre: Fiction                                         Quality Read: Great

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen is the first installment in The Ascendence Trilogy. Sage, an orphan, finds himself subject to a nobleman along with three other boys, Latamer, Roden, and Tobias. All orphans… All expendable. With the neighboring country of Avenia threatening war, the regents of Carthya have to deal with a problem that has risen within the castle, and Bevin Conner, the nobleman who bought the orphan boys, has his own way of fixing things. The boys are taught in all the ways a royal might be. They receive great food, an education they could never have hoped for, and clothes finer than anything they have ever seen, but at what cost?

Jennifer Nielsen creates a stunning tale following these orphan boys, and by the end of the book the reader has to go back again, beating themselves up for all the hints that they missed the first time. All the details are woven through beautifully. And, despite the book being written in first person, the personality that arises through the use of this point of view is astounding.

Purchase it here: The False Prince


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