Why Forgotten?

Some people may wonder why I named the blog “The Forgotten Bookshelf” because most of the books that I have reviewed to date are relatively new books that have had no time to be “forgotten”. However, we often forget about those unknown writers. The writers who are just barely getting off of their feet. I, myself, tend to lean towards authors that I have already tested or those that I hear everyone talk about. We all tend to forget that the J.K. Rowlings, J.R.R. Tolkiens, and Rick Riodans of this world were all once unknowns. They all had to start somewhere. They got there because people tried them out and didn’t forget to look to the new writers.

I actually had a literal forgotten bookshelf when I was growing up. It was in my grandparents attic. They had bookshelves everywhere in their house. There were books in all of the bedrooms. There was even, what I called, a library in the upstairs closet, but there was one bookshelf that hardly anyone saw. It was in the musty attic with the exposed lightbulb barely illuminating the darkness. There I found forgotten treasures that I still have today. I would take many of the books from that bookshelf and transfer them to the library in the closet, where I acted as librarian. One of my favorite treasures from that forgotten bookshelf is my first edition Nancy Drew: The Scarlet Slipper Mystery, which belonged to my great-grandmother. I made sure those books were not forgotten, and I want to do the same with other books.

The Forgotten Bookshelf is the place of your To Be Read. The place where you put all those books that you want to read, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s the books that you didn’t know existed, and, therefore, you didn’t know you wanted to read. Any book that you haven’t read to date is, technically, on your To Be Read list because we are never done reading. It is impossible to read every single book that has ever been written, but why not start with those that have been forgotten? Why not start with those that just want the chance to be loved? Too many of us feel forgotten, let’s start with us…. The Forgotten.

If any of you have a book that you feel does not have enough of a fan base, or maybe you wrote it yourself, feel free to recommend it to me. I am searching for those forgotten books because I don’t want anyone to feel forgotten.


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