Valentines Day

What are you getting your sweetheart today? Chocolates, roses, a fancy dinner? Or maybe, like me, you’re going to be chilling on your own for the day and getting all those nice things for yourself.

What would be the perfect Valentines gift? Everyone’s perfect gift will differ because we all have varying personalities, but I find that you can never go wrong with a nice book. Why? Books will last way longer than a box of chocolates or a steak dinner. They’re also much more durable than a dozen roses.

What would be the perfect book? Maybe it’s a book that he/she has always wanted to read. Maybe you’ve always wanted them to read the book, or maybe you want to read the book and saw the perfect opportunity to buy one and get it into your house without feeling guilty about buying yourself another book. Only you can answer that question. I’m not an all-seeing person. I can’t tell you if they’ll love it or hate it. Although, you should be prepared for mild tears and obsessing over characters. That’s a common side effect of reading.

Let your love of reading spread. Give the gift of knowledge. Even fiction books can broaden your mind. Give a book to your coworker, your husband or wife, kids, parents, stranger on the side of the road, or give it to yourself. We can all use a good book as a way of escaping.


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