The Crow of Connemara By: Stephen Leigh


Age: 18+                                      Genre: Fantasy Fiction                                 Quality Read: Good

The Crow of Connemara by Stephen Leigh follows Colin Doyle, a young American who’s parents are both Irish. Colin studied Irish music in school, and now he wants to follow his dream and move to Ireland to have a go in Irish bands. When his father is desperately sick, Colin meets with his family and tells his plans to his sister, who supports his decision. After the death of his father, Colin flies to Ireland to follow his dream. He soon discovers the real reason why his grandfather left so many years ago and never returned, despite his love for his home country. Colin meets an enchanting young woman, Maeve, who the towns people try to avoid, but Colin is drawn to her and soon he is in much deeper than he ever imagined.

Stephen Leigh integrates modern setting and culture with the old, Irish mythology. He creates a new and exciting twist on old lore and makes the stories relevant today. There are some suggestive parts and language in the book. I do not recommend this for young children, and I highly suggest caution with teenagers as well. Overall, however, it was an exceptional book.

Purchase it here: The Crow of Connemara


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